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PAN 3SIXTY | 360 Virtual Tours & Panoramic Photography

When I attended the first w.a.v.e.s. Festival 2014 informational seminar, I immediately contemplated two things. Firstly, doing a project related to our Lancaster FM212 and secondly, the types of augmented reality experiences I wanted to incorporate into the physical art installation. I knew that I wanted to incorporate video, 3d and an immersive experience or virtual tour of some sort. I photographed the FM212 but quickly realized that my photography hardware was lacking. So I searched the internet, knowing how unlikely it was that there would be a 360 panorama of the inside of a Lancaster cockpit.

Well, I came across a company that not only had some of the best virtual tours I have ever seen but low and behold, a 360 panorama of a Lancaster bomber! So I reached out to Phil at PAN 3SIXTY and explained the project and what my intent was for the art installation. Phil was gracious enough to allow me to use his 360 panorama of the Lancaster cockpit, thus allowing me to provide the immersive virtual tour that I needed.

I can't say enough good things about PAN 3SIXTY as my installation couldn't be complete without the virtual tour. I highly recommend checking out the portfolio section of their site to experience some examples of their amazing work. If you need a professional 360 panorama or virtual tour, please give them a call! They are awesome!