VR #360Video for Forensic Visualization

Forensic visualization has traditionally been used to show views or vantage points of those involved, directly or indirectly, in motor vehicle accidents. Typically the view has been a moving camera or a stationary view that either, guided the viewer through the scenario or had the viewer watching the events unfold according to the reconstructionists opinions. Virtual Reality technology has opened up new possibilities in the way in which Forensic Visualizations can be shown...and interacted with!


It's cool...but how would I use it?

Someone recently told me that "people don't pay for cool". While I did agree with him in the context of our conversation, there are indeed situations where "people will pay for cool"! Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are experiences that are un-deniably cool, even when only considering the technological side of things and not the actual experience!'s cool...but how would I use it?
Basically, information is no longer scarce and you have to engage your consumers/clients in ways that move beyond that which can be simply Googled, compiled, analyzed and compared. You can learn almost anything about any thing in about ten seconds with a simple search. Being found by a search engine is nothing to revel about, unless that is exactly what you want. The common path for most marketing and advertising is to direct them back to the website, or direct them to the Facebook page.


Windsor Essex Tech Show 2014

Windsor Chamber of Commerce along with sponsor KPMG are presenting the annual Windsor-Essex Tech Show. Discover the latest in technology for your business from our tradeshow exhibitors. Hear from leading industry corporations such as Google, Detroit Venture Partners, Cisco and more!
You can visit us at the WEtech Alliance exhibitor area to expereince Augmented Reality first hand. Download the free JUNAIO app, to scan and enjoy our sample technology prints!
See you there!

w.a.v.e.s. Festival 2014 | Lancaster FM212

Well, my w.a.v.e.s. Festival 2014 installation is up and functioning properly. Please head down to the riverfront and check out all the other artists and their work. For those wondering, the installation shows general, historical information on the Lancaster bomber as well as information specific to our own Lancaster FM212.
Each panel consists of an image (trackable) that when scanned provides an Augmented Reality experience. The main panel is a short video sequence, the left panel is a spatially aware 360 panorama of a Lancaster cockpit and the right panel is an interactive 3d model of our own Lancaster FM212. Download the free JUNAIO app, scan the panels and enjoy!

PAN 3SIXTY | 360 Virtual Tours & Panoramic Photography

When I attended the first w.a.v.e.s. Festival 2014 informational seminar, I immediately contemplated two things. Firstly, doing a project related to our Lancaster FM212 and secondly, the types of augmented reality experiences I wanted to incorporate into the physical art installation. I knew that I wanted to incorporate video, 3d and an immersive experience or virtual tour of some sort. I photographed the FM212 but quickly realized that my photography hardware was lacking. So I searched the internet, knowing how unlikely it was that there would be a 360 panorama of the inside of a Lancaster cockpit.
Well, I came across a website that not only had some of the best virtual tour examples I have ever seen but low and behold, a 360 panorama of a Lancaster bomber!

You can read more at the following link: READ MORE HERE!

w.a.v.e.s. Festival 2014

With the 2014 w.a.v.e.s Festival approaching fast, we are working towards completion of our augmented reality installation. We are really looking forward to the response from the end users experience. Our installation will focus around the World War II, Lacaster. Reference will be made to Windsors own Lancaster as well as the craft in general. There will be three augmented reality experiences in the installation. Each experience varies in the type of digital content that is overlaid onto the structure. You can read more about the festival at the following link: READ MORE HERE!

Film Camp for Kids

We recently donated some of our video production kit to the Film Camp for Kids. We are extremely happy that we could help inspire the creative process in young people. You can read more about the camp, affiliations and their programs at the following link: READ MORE HERE!