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VR #360Video for Forensic Visualization

Forensic visualization has traditionally been used to show views or vantage points of those involved, directly or indirectly, in motor vehicle accidents. Typically the view has been a moving camera or a stationary view that either, guided the viewer through the scenario or had the viewer watching the events unfold according to the accident reconstructionists opinion. Virtual Reality technology has opened up new possibilities in the way in which Forensic Visualizations can be shown...and interacted with!

Utilizing the sensors in smart phones and tablets, the end viewer can move their device around in space to experience the full extents of the #360Video. For an even more immersive, dynamic experience, the end use can also view the videos with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Facebook' Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Even simply watching the 360Video on Youtube at a computer allows the end user the unique capability to click and drag the view to change the vantage point. This presents an interesting opportunity in Forensic Visualization where sight lines may play a part in the accident.

Adoption into the courtrooms may be slow with this new technology, but the potential benefits and gains are already becoming apparent in the industry.