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What WE can do for You!

Our services fall into two different categories: Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR&VR) and 3d Visualization.

Our Augmented Reality (AR) service can allow businesses the ability to interact with their audiences in a completely new way. AR, not only extends but enhances how you experience the real world. Images, videos, sounds and 3d models can become a digital overlay by using the camera and sensors in your smart phone/tablet to bring print ads, objects and places to life.

Our Virtual Reality (VR) service can allow companies to generate fully interactive 3d environments or cutting edge 360 degree, interactive video. Using the latest and greatest headsets, viewers can venture into simulated worlds and experience digital content like no other time in history.

We also provide 3d Visualization in the areas of architecture, product, forensic and visual effects. 3D rendering and animation allows you to create a digital mockup of a real world object or event but can also enhance real world objects as well. This can include a rendering of a house/building design (pre-construction), a digital mockup of a product package, a 3d reconstruction of a complex motor vehicle accident or a tornado simulation for a feature film, and anything in between!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the merging of dynamic digital content with the real world, creating a more enhanced and engaging user experience! In print media, we can augment static imagery to incorporate layers of dynamic and engaging content when viewed through smartphones and tablets. This can drastically scale up the initial advertising investment by extending the time the end user is engaged with the content. Augmenting a print ad also allows you to increase the amount of information you can include, despite the physical limitations of the print medium. All this can be done without ever leaving your advertisement.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is being in a completely immersive digital experience! Whether it's a full, 3d environment or a 360 degree video, you can engage in a world that you not only take part in but can also control. Virtual reality has endless possibilities for allowing end users to participate in locations, surroundings and situations that would be otherwise impossible. Utilizing the latest in VR headsets, we can create your virtual worlds and experiences.

Forensic Visualization

Forensic visualization is the perfect way to ensure that the intricate details of your experts opinion do not get missed...or worse...misconstrued. We have provided graphical litigation support for over 18 years on over 500 cases. Our experience and skill, combined with cutting edge software and hardware solutions, ensure that your case will be presented exactly as you require!
We specialize in heavy truck accidents but also have a broad range of experience in all aspects of 3d forensic visualization.

Architectural Visualization

Creating architectural imagery is more about focusing on the purpose of the overall design. Conveying the experience of the space is our goal so that the viewing audience can feel what the design is intended for...not just what it is going to look like after its constructed. We provide many different types and styles of architectural visualizations to suit the many different needs and requirements of different projects...as well as stages within those projects.

Product Visualization

Visualization is a very important part of a products lifecycle. We can provide high levels of photo-realism so that your product can be viewed before it is actually manufactured. The advantages range from core design changes, the addition of details in styling and the generation of sales and marketing materials.

Visual Effects (C.G.I)

This is where your craziest ideas can come to life. Don't limit your commercial ideas to what is only possible in the real world. If you want a helicopter...or ten or twenty for that matter, or you want anything that would cost too much to shoot practically...consider a digital stand in or replacement. We can assist with virtual set extensions, full 3d photo-real environments, complex object and particle animation and simulation as well as a myriad of other effects. If you can imagine it....chances are we can either create it....or destroy it, whichever you require!

Digital Content & Tools

We provide a multitude of 3d models, textures/materials and scripted plugins. All of the content has been used in our own pipeline or developed specifically for end users.