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Key Featured Services

Our company offers a diverse range of services which represent an ever expanding array of creative solutions. The following is a more in-depth overview of some of the key featured services.

In print media, we can augment static imagery to incorporate layers of dynamic and engaging content when viewed through smartphones and tablets. This can drastically scale up the intial advertising investment by extending the time the end user is engaged with the content. Augmenting a print ad also allows you to increase the amount of information you can include, despite the physical limitations of the print medium. All this can be done without ever leaving your advertisement.

Let us enhance the viewing experience...and make all of your print ads come alive!

Having an expert provide their opinion is one thing, having people properly understand and appreciate that expert opinion is quite another. Forensic visualization is the perfect way to ensure that the intricate details of your experts opinion do not get missed...or worse...misconstrued. We have provided graphical litigation support for over 17 years on over 500 cases. Our experience and skill, combined with cutting edge software and hardware solutions, ensure that your case will be presented exactly as you require!

We specialize in heavy truck accidents but also have a broad range of experience in all aspects of 3d forensic visualization. This includes accurate sun/sky in daytime conditions, dawn/dusk/night time visibility, extreme environmental conditions (snow, rain, fog etc.), pedestrian/crowd simulations as well as smoke/fire/explosions, vehicle rollovers, pedestrian/occupant, particles/debris and other rigid body effects.

Our breadth of experience and diversity in skill, combined with cutting edge software and hardware solutions, ensure that your case will be presented exactly as you require! For a sample of some of our animations, vist our YouTube Channel.

We have written extensive, in-house tools to transfer, not translate, 3d simulation data from all major vehicle and occupant simulation software packages such as HVE3d, Madymo, PC-Crash , Aras360 and STARS as well as any other program capable of exporting tabular position/rotation data over time. We can also generate input and output comparison reports as an added level of verification of the integrity of the simulation data once it is brought into the 3d visualization software.

Forensic | Vehicle Simulation Data

We can also import vehicle simulation data and export the resulting keyframe data into a format that is suitable for your 3d application. Our ability to ensure that data is transferred accurately is crucial...let us bring our wealth of experience to task!

With over 250 vehicles and 350 accident sites completed, we have a wealth of experience modeling 3d vehicles and environments that are compatible with all the leading vehicle simulation software. Our turn-around times are industry leading. When it comes to modeling vehicles and environments for simulation software, our speed and accuracy are un-touchable.
We develop digital content for the following simulation software; HVE3d, MADYMO, Aras360 and PC-Crash.

Forensic | Vehicle Simulation Data

If you require 3d mesh data exported in a custom file format, we also write our own exporters for Autodesks 3ds MAX...in-house...to ensure the data is readable by your software. Some of our custom tools are workflow and pipeline, to make your work more efficent and effective.

We provide 3d laser scanning services, as well as photogrammetry based pointclouds/meshes for vehicles and accident sites. Our team has the full gamut of tools and techniques to capture accident site and vehicle data whether its using a Faro Focus 3d laser scanner or by stationed photographs and highly advanced photogrammetry software. Accident site data can be captured at varying point density so that you get more data where you need it. Vehicle interiors and exteriors can be captured and processed, resulting in pointclouds and/or mesh deliverables.

Forensic | 3d Laser Scanning, Pointclouds & Mapping

We specialize in 3d laser scanning/total station surveys, photographic/video documentation including high dynamic range images and stationed panoramics.

Sometimes all that is required is a review and critique of the oppositions forensic visualization without actually creating one. We have extensive in-house tools that allow us to check the plausibility of vehicle/pedestrian motion on a timestep by timestep basis. Our tools also allow us to check the dimensional accuracy of accident sites and vehicles based on provided/acquired data.

Forensic | Visualization Review & Critique

A full report can be generated at a fraction of the cost of a completed forensic visualization.

Creating imagery is more about focusing on the purpose of the overall design. Conveying the experience of the space is our goal so that the viewing audience can feel what the design is intended for...not just what it is going to look like after its constructed. We provide many different types and styles of architectural visualizations to suit the many different needs and requirements of different projects...as well as stages within those projects.

Architectural | Visualization

Whether it is an interior or an exterior rendering, our goal is, always, to create a purpose driven visual experience!

Our architectural visualization instruction and support, are administered in many different ways ranging from custom onsite training to email and instant messenger troubleshooting. Training and support is mainly focused around the Autodesk Media & Entertainment products...specifically 3ds MAX. Mental ray, Iray, VRay and VRay RT by Chaosgroup are our primary rendering engines.

Architectural | Training/Support & Consulting

We do have set program materials that range from beginner to advanced but we can also customize a teaching plan based on needs and requirements.

Visualization is a very important part of a products lifecycle. We can provide high levels of photo-realism so that your product can be viewed before it is actually manufactured. The advantages range from core design changes, the addition of details in styling and the generation of sales and marketing materials.

Product | Visualization & Prototyping

If a physical prototype is required, we can take your design and through "3d printing" get a single or multiple real world copies created. Whatever part of the product cycle you require our assistance, we are sure that we can help!

This is where your craziest ideas can come to life. Don't limit your television commercial ideas to what is only possible in the real world. If you want a helicopter...or ten or twenty for that matter, or you want anything that would cost too much to shoot practically...consider a digital stand in or replacement. We can assist with virtual set extensions, full 3d photo-real environments, complex object and particle animation and simulation as well as a myriad of other effects. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding what is possible.

VisualFX | Digital Imagery

If you can imagine it....chances are we can either create it....or destroy it, whichever you require!